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L2-prime Interlude [x1200]. STARTING THE SERVER: 02/08/2019 at 18:00 MSK
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Lineage 2 Interlude
Detailed assembly of the server Lineage 2 Interlude, server rates: x1200.
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L2-prime — Private PvP server Lineage 2 Interlude [x1200]

Dear players!

During the operation of the server, a number of points were identified that require refinement by the forces of our specialists and we need some time to carry out fixes and testing in closed mode. Thanks to all the players who supported us and helped us see our mistakes.

The game server will be turned off 09.09.2019 at 05:00 Moscow time for revision and subsequent launch.
Follow the news.

Regards, L2-PRIME Administration

Posted by: [September 09, 2019]

Dear players!

Subscribe to the server page on Facebook:


Press the Like button on each post, this helps you to advertise to the server!

Regards, L2-PRIME Administration

Posted by: [August 03, 2019]

Dear players!

Game server successfully launched, 08/02/2019 at 18:00 Moscow time

We remind technical support regulations: http://l2-prime.com/contacts
How to download the client and run the game: http://l2-prime.com/files

Regards, L2-PRIME Administration

Posted by: [August 02, 2019]

Dear players, the L2-Prime project announces the “Capture Aden” campaign with a budget of 20,000 rubles!

The first sieges on the server will take place on 08/10/2019 and 08/11/2019
In particular, the siege of the castle "Aden" will be held on Sunday at 20:00 Moscow time.
The clan that captured the castle on 08/11/2019 and kept it on the next siege (08/25/2019) will receive a cash reward of 20,000 rubles!

Payment is made to the clan leader, the server administration is not responsible for how the clan leader will share the reward with the clan.

We are waiting for you in the vastness of the L2-PRIME game server!

Regards, L2-PRIME Administration

Posted by: [August 01, 2019]

Dear players!

Server opening date: 08/02/2019 at 18:00 MSK (PT)

At the time of opening the server will be made wipe game characters (but not accounts)
We recommend registering your accounts in advance in order to avoid problems with access to the site at the time of starting the server.
Donations made at the time of OBT will be returned to the account in the form of bonus coins by the time the server starts.

You can download the game client now in one of the convenient ways: http://l2-prime.com/files

Regards, L2-administration

Posted by: [July 15, 2019]

Dear players!

07/12/2019 at 18:00 Moscow time: Start of OBT (Open Beta Testing) of the L2-prime project.

СBT will last up to the opening of the server and is intended primarily for testing the connection to the server, logging in to the game, pinging and the work of assembling the server.
After OBT will be a wipe game characters. The opening date and other information about the server start will be announced as a separate news.
Donations made at the time of OBT will be returned to the account in the form of bonus coins by the time the server starts.

You can download the game client now in one of the convenient ways: http://l2-prime.com/files

Regards, L2-administration

Posted by: [July 12, 2019]

Dear players!

You can vote for our server in server ratings.
At the moment, the following platforms are available for voting:

1) MMOTOP: https://la2.mmotop.ru/servers/32409/votes/new
2) L2TOP: http://l2top.ru/vote/31059/

Remember that by voting in the ratings, you are helping in advertising the server!

The list of polling stations will be updated

Regards, L2-PRIME Administration

Posted by: [July 09, 2019]

Closed Beta Testing Project L2-prime.

Posted by: [April 02, 2019]

Project site launched!

http://l2-prime.ru - Russian version
http://l2-prime.com - English version

Posted by: [April 01, 2019]

Website development, personal account and project forum.

Posted by: [March 20, 2019]
Lineage 2

L2-prime is Lineage 2, a multiplayer online RPG game server dedicated to Interlude, one of the highest quality and most popular game chronicles among players.

You will find an excellent PvP-server with a pronounced focus. High rates x1200 (multiplying factors), in turn, will provide the appropriate speed, convenience, and comfort of the game.

L2-prime Interlude PvP [x1200] is:
• Quick start: free starter kits guarantee a confident start for each player.
• Rapid character development: increased rates accelerate pumping and make farm easier. Forget about the senseless and merciless Korean grind and enjoy your favorite game.
• Ability to start crushing enemies here and now!

It is unlikely in the world of gamers there are players who would not have heard about such an online game like Lineage 2. Oddly enough, but Lineage II won the hearts of fans of the genre for a long time and instilled a love for representatives of the Korean MMORPGs. Thanks to the developed racial and class diversity, as well as crafting and fishing, it will not be difficult for you to find a role and activities in the game to your taste.

Interlude Chronicles are both a symbol of the end of the first Saga (Saga I) and the end of The Chaos Chronicles (The Chaotic Chronicles). Without a doubt, Interlude has given rise to a new round of game development: the Saga II: The Chaotic Throne. The appearance of a large number of innovations, as well as the completion of the plot of the first saga, make it possible to consider these chronicles to be marginal. Serious changes affected skills (the appearance of fusion skills), objects (for example, a new type of objects that are not modifiable - shadow equipment), additional territories and a considerable number of other significant changes.